Rigpa Streaming

My Role

  • UX
  • Website design
  • Front-end code

Worked With



Rigpa is a charitable organisation that aims to present the Buddhist tradition of Tibet in a way that is both completey authentic, and as relevant as possible to the lives and needs of modern men and women.

A large part of their work involves organising international events with different meditation specialists and broadcasting them across the world via live and delayed streaming. They asked me to work with them to create a new web-app experience which would serve as the hub for all of their streaming events.

Markus Schob, project manager, explains the design challenge we faced:

We run dozens of streaming events per year through this system, serving users with all kinds of devices, from desktop computers down to tablets and mobile phones. So, it was of utmost importance to have a design that can handle and guide users of any type of device safely through the database driven, dynamically built pages and the variety of elements of each event.

A significant number of people who use the service are also not so tech savvy, so it was imperative that the site was intuitive to use on a very basic level.

I was working on the project remotely, with the developer Dario based in Germany and Markus in France. We quickly found a good rhythm, using git to keep our work in sync on a test server. Regular skype calls meant that we naturally settled on an iterative approach. Markus did a fantastic job of getting people to test the system as we went along, so we couldn't get too precious until later on which had a huge positive impact on the final usability of the service.

The project successfully launched and regularly streams events worldwide to an audience in excess of 4000 users.

Markus recently spoke a little bit about the project since it's completion:

We knew already during the development process that the much improved functionality and ease of use of our revised video streaming system would be of immense benefit for our worldwide community; but it is thanks to the professional and appealing look and feel thanks to Jonathan's contribution that everybody - be they newbies or grannies - just can use it without struggle, and actually love it!